DIY Spring Bubble Umbrellas

With Spring in full bloom, you can already expect those April showers creeping up soon. While a rainy day might not be our ideal Spring day, don't let the weather rain on your parade. Here's how you can brighten up a rainy day with a splash of color.

If your forecast is calling for some rain in the coming days, it doesn’t mean that you have to let your steeze be gloomy as well (unless that’s your vibe). See how we customized these two bubble umbrellas (our favorite umbrellas to carry around) in two ways, and make them bring some sunshine to our rainy day in a few quick and easy steps. No bad days here!

Step 1: For our first design, we started off by literally making it rain on our umbrella. Start off by making some stencils on rain drops on a sponge with a marker. We created different rain drop sizes for variety.

Step 2: Start cutting away! These don’t have to come out perfect, and the marker is just a guide for you to shape your raindrops.

Step 3: Using your favorite shade of blue, use acrylic paint to start stamping the raindrops on the inside of the umbrella. Remember not to do it on the outisde, because the actual rain could wash away your design! Also, note to start with the small raindrop stencils on the inside of the umbrella and gradually work your way out with the bigger sizes.

Step 4: Make sure to cover the entire umbrella, touch up any raindrops with a brush, and let it dry! Rain drops on rain drops on top of rain drops. So meta.

After the rain, comes the rainbow. Let’s add some color to your other bubble umbrella!

Step 1: Gather all the colors of the rainbow for this umbrella. With your brush, start off by painting one strip of yellow right down the middle of the umbrella, from one end to the other.

Step 2: Repeat the same step for all the other colors of the rainbow. Make sure to get into all the crevices inside of the umbrella – you don’t want any missed spots.

Step 3: Let dry and voila! You have your rainbow umbrella!

Since we’re in LA, we don’t have a lot of rain to deal with, but always have to be prepared even when it’s a sunny day! Have this ready, and you won’t let the rain ruin your day!

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