DIY Studded Stiletto + Collar | Slide Hustle

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If there's a shoe that never fails to make a statement with any outfit, it's always (without fail) a stiletto. On today's episode of Slide Hustle, Enocha is going to teach you on how to take a plain stiletto and dress is up even more for when you want to go glam with your outfit.

STEP 1: For this technique, you will want to use two sizes of studs to embellish your shoes. Small ones for the tip of the shoe and larger ones to fan out. Place them on your table so it’s easier for your pliers to grab them.

STEP 2:  Use your plier to grab a small stone, and add a dab of jewelry glue to place onto the tip of the shoe. At the tip of the shoe, you will want to keep them close and space them out as you move up for an ombre effect.

STEP 3: Continue the same process for three rows with the small studs, and then move up to the large studs, spacing them out even further. Go for three rows and you’re done!

Now, we’re going to pair our shoes with a DIY embellished collar that’s going to tie up our entire outfit perfectly!

STEP 1: Using a white button tee from a store or your local thrift shop, cut off the collar from the shirt. Find the seam below your collar, and cut along it making sure you keep the first collar button of the shirt on. Pro tip: you want to make sure that the shirt you have is stiff, because the look is much better with a stiff collar.

STEP 2: Using the same technique as the stilettos, begin forming a triangle shape with the studs on the front corners of the collar. Make sure to secure with jewelry glue.

STEP 3: To add more dazzle, feel free to add stones around the collar to bedazzle it a little more.

And that’s it! Your outfit is ready to hit the town!

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