DIY Watermelon Piñata

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Nothing says summer like seeing a fresh watermelon. If you’re having a summer kick-off party, why not have it themed appropriately with a watermelon piñata? Whether you have a birthday coming up or are just planning to throw a fun summer bash, you’re definitely going to want to treat your guests to this cool and unique candy-filled piñata.

Step 1: First, cut out all of your cardboard pieces. Start by using a pencil and ruler to trace out a large watermelon slice shape. Cut this shape out and use it as a template for the other side of your piñata.

Step 2: Cut out three narrow rectangle shaped pieces that are the same size as all the sides of your watermelon cutouts.

Step 3: Taking the bottom rectangular cardboard base that will be the curved part of the watermelon, fold it every 5 centimeters to create the curved bottom of the watermelon.

Step 4: Next, start taping the watermelon together. Begin with the bottom base and also tape on the sides.

Step 5: Grab your rolls of crepe paper cut into them half way to create a fringe effect, but make sure to not cut all the way through. As you pull the rolls, the fringe will be over the entire roll.

Step 4: Row by row start gluing your fringe to the cardboard all the way around. Begin with about 4 rows of green crepe paper for the bottom edge of the watermelon, and then switch over to the red crepe paper.

Step 5: Before you wrap all the way to the top, begin adding your candy and confetti inside the piñata. Close the flap of the cardboard with duct tape, and continue wrapping the rest of the piñata with crepe paper.

Step 6: Using your black crepe paper, cut out a few watermelon seeds and glue them to your piñata.

Step 7: String through the top of the piñata to hang it outside and break it!

That’s it, you’re all set for a fun summer bash! You can also make a few more piñatas to hang up as decoration.

We’d love to see how you piñata turned out! Be sure to show us how you created your very own watermelon piñata using @BeMakeful on social!