Make Your Art Work Stand Out With Our DIY Magnetic Wooden Frame

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This craft is not only super inexpensive, but incredibly fast and simple to make.

  • 4 wood our pieces are 12” long x1.5” wide
  • wood stain + brush
  • adhesive magnet tape
  • X-Acto knife
  • leather lace
  • scoring board

Wondering how to hang that new cool piece of art? Add a sleek yet modern edge to any room with this DIY Magnetic Wooden Wall Frame.


  1. Stain your four wood pieces (this step is optional depending on the look you aim to achieve)
  2. Leave your stained wood pieces to dry
  3. Using an exacto knife, cut four 12”x1.5” strips from your adhesive magnet sheet (or however long and wide your wood pieces are)
  4. Peel off the sticker backings and stick your magnet strips onto each of your wood pieces
  5. Tie your leather lace/string around the left and ride side one of your wood pieces (approximately 1” from the edge)
  6. Slide your artwork in between your top and bottom magnetic wood pieces
  7. Show off your art and hang up your magnetic wooden wall frame!