Easy DIY Picture Frame with The Sorry Girls!

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There is no level of satisfaction that rivals the feeling of constructing your own woodwork. Handling heavy construction tools can seem intimidating, so this tutorial for customizable picture frames are a great place to start! The perfect method of showcasing your artwork, knowing that the frame doubles as a display of exceptional craftsmanship.

STEP 1: We’re going to cut the sides of the frame – add 5 cm to the height and width of the art you wish to frame. So, for a 30 x 45 cm photo – we’re going to cut a 35 x 50 inch frame. Cut two 50 cm pieces of wood, and two 35 cm pieces.

STEP 2: Cut a 45 degree angle into both sides of your 50cm pieces of wood to create a trapezoid shape. Repeat with your 35cm pieces.

STEP 3: Sand down your wood! Then lay them down in a line: it should go long – short – long – short. Lay some painter’s tape down and tape the edges together. Place some wood glue into the corners, then “fold” the wood up to create the frame. Lay flat and let dry.

STEP 4: Center your corner braces onto the corners of your picture frame. Use a pencil to mark where the screws will go. Use your drill to create pilot holes where you marked – these are holes that will allow the screws to later be added without splitting the wood. Make sure the hole is smaller than your screws, and don’t drill all the way through the wood. Now drill your screws in.

STEP 5: At the top of the frame, drill two small pilot holes. Nail a hanging bracket in right where you created the holes.

STEP 6: Time to paint! Paint the entire frame in the color of your choice. Let dry completely.

STEP 7: Tape your artwork on the back, and you’re ready to hang!

And just like that in a few easy steps, you’re able to make your very own gallery wall for your home without having to shell out the price of custom framing! If you liked this DIY, let us and The Sorry Girls know by tagging us at @BeMakeful