Going batty for this Halloween craft

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Have a wall you want to decorate, but don’t know how? These bats are a great way to decorate your space. Create a whimsical wall of bats or hang them from the ceiling.


Step 1:

Cut paper into a strip 8.5 inches wide

Step 2:

Mark and score the sheet of paper 4.25 inches length-wise and fold away from the score mark. This should fold the sheet in half.

Step 3:

Place the flat edge of the template along the folded edge of your paper and trace with a pencil. Repeat until you’ve used the full length of your paper strip.

Step 4:

Cut out your bats. (Erase any visible pencil marks.)

Step 5: (Garland only)

Place the template over the bat and pierce the wings with the pin.

Note: Skip this step if you’re not planning stringing the bats into a garland.

Step 6:

Open your folded bat. Score both A lines on the template. Repeat on both wings.

Step 7:

Flip over the bat and score line B on the template. Repeat on both wings.

Step 8:

Fold the bat’s wings away from the score lines.

Step 9 (Garland only)

Connect the wings by placing a brad through the hole on the right wing of your first bat and left wing of your second bat. Flatten the legs of the brad and repeat until all the bats are connected.

Or try this!

Hanging Bats:

Step 1:

Poke a hole in the bottom of the bat

Step 2:

Thread fishing line through the hole and trim with scissors.

Step 3:

Hang from the ceiling…
Alone or with friends.

Or make a wall cluster using double stick tape.