How to Create a Wedding Chalkboard Sign

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There is something about a chalkboard sign that creates a warm intimacy – whether it’s the delicate childlike nostalgia it creates, or the knowledge that it was lovingly and painstakingly hand-written. Add a leafy garland to it and it becomes an elegant and earthy centerpiece for a lovely wedding. Create it as a lovely addition to keep your event glamorous yet rustic, simple yet stylish.


STEP 1: Carefully arrange some branches of garland – stagger them so some are higher up than others. Wrap some floral wire around the branches to secure them in place, layering leaves to fill in any gaps – the idea is to create a foliage frame.

STEP 2: Continue until the frame is nice and full. Take your flowers, snip the stems down at a diagonal angle (this will ensure they stay fresh for as long as possible). Insert your flowers into the frame for a splash of color. Trim down any remaining wire.

STEP 3: Paint your plywood down with chalkboard paint. Once it’s dry, cover the plywood with transfer paper and tape down the sides. Place your printed design on top and tape it down as well.

STEP 4: Using a pen, trace the outline of your design to imprint it onto the chalkboard. Remove the design and transfer paper, and use a chalkboard pen to fill in the design.

STEP 5: Place the chalkboard on an easel, and carefully balance the garland on the top. Use some more floral wire to secure the garland to the back of the easel.

Perfect for a warm welcome for your guests at your wedding, or to showcase your favorite poem or quotations. No matter what you choose, it will be great addition to your event!