How To Host A Friendsgiving Dinner


Friendsgiving is an iconic event in the TV sitcom world, where groups get together for a Thanksgiving meal with their friends, often instead of family. Spending the holidays sans-family can be tough, but having a friendsgiving feast can be even more fun. To get yourself ready to host a friendsgiving dinner, we rounded up the best tips and tricks for getting you through hosting your own Thanksgiving dinner party!

Find an easy turkey recipe

We all know that turkeys are the staple of Thanksgiving dinner, and if you really want to impress your guests, it’s a party must-have. To avoid a raw, undercooked and over-crisped turkey (we’ve all been there), find a simple and foolproof whole turkey recipe that will avoid disappointment (and embarrassment).

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Choose your signature drink

When hosting a party, make it simple on yourself with only a few choices for drinks. White wine tends to go best with turkey, but a great Mulled Wine Sangria might be the way to go, especially if paired with a tasty fall flavour.

Create a beautiful tablescape

Nothing says you’ve pulled together a sophisticated and adult event like a beautiful tablescape. With deep florals, pumpkins, apples, flannel prints, and more–you can create a gorgeous fall inspired tablescape on a budget. The best part? You can use the fruits and veggies for lunch and dinner in the days to follow.

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Bake the perfect pie

Whether it is apple, blueberry, pumpkin, or coconut cream, pies are a Thanksgiving staple. Even after stuffing yourself full of a delicious meal, no one can pass up a delicious slice of pie for dessert. Make one of our classic pie recipes and your friends will not regret wiping their plates clean.

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Dust off your board games

There is a time and place for games like beer pong, but Friendsgiving may not be one of them. Instead, pull out that collection of board games that have been sitting on the shelf and try something new. Whether it’s a DIY version of Guess Who, an old fashioned game of Monopoly, or a trendy new came like Speak Out, your guests will have the blast, especially with a few glasses of mulled wine on the table.

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