Letterman Stockings

Nostalgia and Christmas go together like wine and girls night out. These throwback letterman stockings will make you pine for those high school days. Or not. Plus you know, go team family.

  • printed letterman letters (plain printer paper is best)
  • felt
  • plain canvas stockings
  • peel-n-stick fabric hem tape
  • fabric paint
  • Scissors


Step 1: Cut out your printed letters on the outermost border (leaving the white inner border), and trace them onto your background felt. Cut out background the felt letter.


Step 2: Trim off the white border of the letter (leaving only black), and trace that onto your main color felt. Cut out the color felt letter.


Step 3: Trace and cut out two background stripes and two color stripes for the top of the stocking, and two background color toes for your stocking. Like you would see on an old school tube sock!


Step 4: Place peel-n’-stick hem tape on the back of the color accents and stick them onto the background letters so that the background felt borders the color felt.


Step 5: Stick the now-assembled pieces onto your stocking- Already adorable!

Step 6: Optional step; use metallic puff paint along the border of the background felt and the color felt to give your letters and stripes an extra pop!

Step 7: Hang by the chimney with care…or the mantle. The mantle works too.