Make a 3D Floral Photo Backdrop Under $75

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With wedding season right around the corner, if you're getting stressed our putting the finishing details on your wedding such as finding the perfect photo booth for your guests - we've got you covered. We know getting the right photo booth can get expensive, but what if we told you that you can make a 3D fun and floral photo backdrop under $75? Did we get your attention? See how you can make it!

STEP 1: Start off with a variety of silk daisies to create your backdrop. Using one end of the fishing wire, double knot under the flower, and then secure the flower by double knotting a the bottom of the stem.  Add three more flowers to each length.

STEP 2: Using another strand of fishing wire, grab your silk geraniums and pull the petals off the stem. Begin double knotting at the base of the petals to tie them into the fishing wire, and add 5 petals to each length.

Step 3: Grab your large hoola hoops and spray paint them gold. Make sure to do this outdoors! Once they have dried hang them at your desired photo booth area in front of a white seamless (or whatever seamless color you prefer).

Step 4: Once your hoola hoops are hung, begin double knotting  your floral strings onto the hoops and distribute them evenly. Now, you have your floral photo booth done!

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