Make the Most of the Summer Sun with this Cactus Print Sun Hat

There is still tons of time to hit the beach, soak in the pool, and hit up all those Instagram-worthy spots near you.

  • sun hat
  • Sharpie
  • acrylic paint
  • cactus stamp
  • paint brushes

We’ve still got plenty of sunny summer days ahead of us, and I will be taking advantage of as many of those warm days as possible. 

While a hot swimsuit might be on the top of your packing list next time you’re going to the beach, don’t forget about all the other totally rad accessories you’re going to need to slay on Instagram.

One of the more popular accessories I’ve seen is definitely the sun hat. And they’ve always got some sort of cheeky saying on the brim, perfect for all those pics you’re definitely going to be taking.

I’ve seen everything from “out of office” to “on vacay”, but I wanted something a little bit more me. If you’ve read some of my DIYs before, or if you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I have a thing for plants. Okay, I have a bit of an obsession with plants. I’m that crazy plant lady for sure.

So when it came to coming up with a sun hat that spoke to my soul, and of course fit my IG feed, something plant related had to be what I went with.

And guys, this hat is totally projecting some plant babe vibes. Get ready and please, don’t be a prick!


1: Find a woven sun hat that suits your style (and your head!). I was lucky enough to find mine at the dollar store, but you can even pick these up at your local craft store too.

2: If your hat is like mine and has some sort of embellishments you’re just not here for, cut that stuff off! Mine had fabric that was easy to cut the thread and pull off.

3: Find or make your stamps. I made this cactus stamp by gluing a few layers of foam onto a wooden block. But you can totally use a stamp you’ve bought from the store! Then I used a fine tipped brush to add a few white dots to my cacti to act as the “pricks” this is totally optional!

4: Stamp the brim of your hat until you’re happy with the results.

5: Using a Sharpie write out “Can’t Touch This” on the brim of your hat in whatever style you like. I wanted to practice my calligraphy, so I went with that! Then I used a fine paint brush and some black paint to finish it off.

6: I put “Can’t Touch This” on the back of the brim, but I wanted something cool for the front too. So I used my paints to create a larger cactus on the front.

7: Finally, I felt like something was missing. So I grabbed some yarn and wrapped it around the hat with a little tassel tied at the front. Now I’m ready for the beach!