Make this hopping spider for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and seemingly came out of nowhere this year. Lucky for you, here’s an easy last minute halloween decoration idea that will take your party to the next level.


Step 1

Print and cut out the template, then trace onto your sheet of black paper, and cut them out.

Step 2

Cut out your first pipe cleaner in half (6 inches). Cut the second pipe cleaner to 7 inches and 5 inches.

Step 3

Fold your cut pipe cleaners in half to find the center point. Glue the pipe cleaners to the top section of the bottom template in order of smallest to longest.

Step 4

If you haven’t already, cut the slits in the top template, glue the tips of side sections together with hot glue, then glue down the middle. Once the paper is secure, trim the edges off with scissors.

Step 5

Glue the top to the bottom, covering the pipe cleaner side.

Step 6

Finish the spider by bending the pipe cleaner legs.

These are great for table decorations, or for added fun, attach them to string.