Modern Geometric Christmas Ornaments!

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On this episode of 12 DIYs of Christmas with Almost Makes Perfect, we're giving traditional ornaments an ultra-modern twist! Geometric Christmas ornaments have been popping up everywhere, and we're making them quick and easy to tackle this holiday season... But also SUPER cute.

Don’t be fooled by how fancy these ornaments look; follow along with Molly from Almost Makes Perfect and you’ll see it’s actually super easy.

Step 1: Measure and cut your wire. Air on the side of having too much; we used seven times the entire length of the ruler. Cut off the end with wire cutters.

Step 2: Cut your straws. You want to have 12 pieces total that are all the same length. The length is up to you; the longer the straws, the larger the ornament will be.

Step 3: String the straws together to make 5 triangles in a line, plus one final straw on the end. Fold the triangles in towards each other and tie off the end. It looks like it would be complicated but it’s actually super easy and comes together naturally. If you feel like its a bit loose, keep pushing the straws together and pulling the wire tighter.

Step 4:  Tie off and cut the end of the wire to complete your ornament. Optional: if you want to, you can spray paint the piece to give it some oomph.

Step 5: Add an ornament hook and deck those halls, baby.

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