NY Resolutions (Not About Weight Loss)

Having a "must lose weight" NY Resolution is so frustrating and let's face it - basic. How many times have we all made that resolution? Rhetorical question obvi. Also it's, zero, and I mean zero fun. Also, just, ugh. How about let's not get into that potential low self-esteem trap. Love your body, love yourself, girl! Instead, let's share some inspiring ideas to celebrate your life and create New Years Resolutions that you'll look forward to tackling. And, you know, will enhance your overall life and happiness. Period. Cheers to 2017! Pass the champers!

the-life-changing-magic-of-tidying-upDe-clutter yo’ life.
We know you’ve been meaning to do it forever (haven’t we all?) and the New Year is the perfect time to pull the trigger. If you need some guidance on how to start, look no further than “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, written by the Ultimate De-Cluttering Guru Marie Kondo.

Try Yoga!
Some people shy away from yoga because they think they’re not flexible or wouldn’t be good at it. To them I say: read up on the kickass yoga teacher Jessamyn Stanley who always says you should practice asking yourself “how do I feel?” vs. “how do I look?”. There are a ton of great youtube channels out there you can subscribe to for a daily dose of yoga at a level that’s right for you, but here’s Jessamyn’s blog to get you started.

Start a gratitude journal!
Let’s start with all the ways that make it easy to start a gratitude journal. Keep a simple blank notebook, or an actual gratitude journal like this pretty one from Kikki.K, right next to your bed and jot a line or two down before you go to sleep. Or, you guessed it, there’s an app for that too. GetGratitude lets you capture photos of moments and makes a kind of gratitude album for you as you continue to build your journal. We’re grateful for all these options!

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Learn a new Language and Travel to use it!
You know how to kiss in French, and you thoroughly enjoy the toast… how about learning to speak the language? Not only does learning a new language allow you to experience another culture, it keeps your mind super sharp. Again, there are so many resources out there that make this goal totally do-able, a favorite is Duolingo.com. It can teach you a new language absolutely free. We looove FREE! Another great resource is the Travel inspiration blog Shut Up and Go. We love h0w these 90s kids are living their realness while they travel the world. Take Note!

Catch up on Binge-worthy Shows.
You know “that show” that everyone watched, avoided spoiler alerts like the plague, and bonded over for weeks, sometimes months on end? (I see you “Game of Thrones”, “Breaking Bad”, “The Wire”…). Well, why not watch it?? Just enter them in your Netflix cue and the next time you’re decompressing at home wondering what to watch, you’ll have a go-to library of awesome content ready to go. Plus you’ll finally know what everyone means when they say “Winter is Coming” when it’s only March.

meditationGet some peace of mind.
Learning to mediate has never been easier thanks to the clever folks behind Headspace. Meditating helps you focus at school, in sports, at work, or yes, even at play! Plus, the exercises only take 10 minutes a day so you can listen anytime, anywhere that works for you (I like to do it on my morning commute. Bye bye road rage.). Ohhmmm…

Random acts of creativity.
Speaking of awesome apps, have you heard of “1 sec”? You capture one-second long clips once a day and the app cuts it together into a gorgeous personal movie of your life! It sends you friendly reminders (if you want) and is super simple to use. And the movies are gorgeous. Such a cool way to keep track of your year!