Ombre Hair Coloring Basics | The Creative Lab

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As I continue my way in my creative journey, one thing that I wanted to make sure I didn't miss doing is getting creative with hair. This week, I invited hair stylist and colorist Trey Burnette to help me do that and bring a pop color to my coworker Amy's hair and give her the ultimate purple makeover!

For the record, I have never picked up a brush to dye hair and the only time I have picked up scissors was in middle school when I would cut my own bangs (so chic). For this episode, I had to make sure that a had a pro guide me through this, because the last thing I would want is for Amy to hate me for ruining her hair. But we were in the clear from the get go! (I promise.)

Since Amy has an amazing head of blonde hair, she was the ideal candidate for getting the perfect purple ombre coloring job, with a slight trim. Since Amy’s hair was going to be dyed with temporary hair color, there was no need for additional bleaching since we were just going to paint the hair color on top of her natural hair.

First, Trey set three trays of purple hair color, one really dark, one medium, and one light lavender that would go to the end of her tips. From there, the coloring process was really straightforward! Keep the dark purple hair color at her root and paint a third of the way down, and then add in the medium purple color, and keep the light lavender for the tips. With keeping that in mind, we began to section off Amy’s hair from the bottom up and coloring small sections so we wouldn’t miss a spot.

What was really cool, especially since I’m a beginner, is that Trey said we didn’t have to be precise when coloring, just as long as that we were coloring each section similar to the ones that we had already done before. Another thing to keep in mind is that when mixing three colors on sections, is to mix the colors on the hair in the parts where the colors change so the grandient looks more natural, just like painting a canvas!

After we colored Amy’s hair and rinsed, it was time for her haircut! Trey began with an A-line bob (aka, a lob). Once he started doing some cuts, he handed me the scissors. IT WAS ALL DOWNHILL FROM THERE. (Just kidding.) After just doing a few trims, I felt that this was probably better handled by the professional, so Trey worked his magic and gave Amy an amazing trim. After the trim, it was time to blow dry and style, and we were ready to give Amy the big reveal!

Safe to say that Amy was beyond shocked to see her hair become purple, but it looked so good, how could she not love it? On top of that, no bad ombres here!

If you decide to dye your hair a crazy color, show us by us #BeMakeful on Instagram!