Decorate Your Space with Our DIY Watercolour Wall Art

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Do you have a favourite quote or a frame that needs filling? What better way then to turn your favourite quote or phrase into inspirational artwork, or a unique set of cards. It’s fun, easy, and with a watercolour background, it has just the the right pop of colour to add that extra something special.

  • oil-based Sharpie
  • Watercolour paper
  • Watercolour paint
  • water
  • Paint brush medium
  • paper towel
  • Pencil & eraser (optional)

Feel free to start with pencil guidelines — or go freehand!

Step 1:

Start by taping down your paper. This will ensure it doesn’t warp with all that water on it. Then dip your brush in clean water and wet your paper where you want your colour to go.

Step 2:

Gently add some watercolour to your brush and touch your brush to your wet paper making sure the colour is evenly distributed across your colour area. Do this a couple times with a few shades of colour, then with a clean and wet brush, gently blend your colours on the wet surface.

Step 3:

Repeat step 2, adding colour and gently washing it away. If the paper gets too wet, blot it with a paper towel and continue the process.

Step 4:

Once you’re satisfied with your watercolour, allow it to dry completely (around 5 minutes).

Step 5:

With your marker or think pen, write out your quote, lyric, phrase … anything you desire!

TIP: It’s helpful to practice writing with the marker to get your composition right. Use pencil guides, or create a couple of extra watercolour backgrounds — just in case!

Step 5:

Voila! You did it. You’ve created your own typographic wall art, card or stationary. Now, find the perfect place to display it, then take a moment to admire your hard work.