4 DIY’s That Won’t Put Holes in Your Walls


Rent is expensive enough without having to worry about patching up holes or painting the walls when you move out. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have the magical, dream apartment you always wanted when you (finally) move out of a dorm room.

Here are our favourite DIYs that will spruce up your living space, but won’t leave you with pesky holes in your walls when it’s time to upgrade.

1. DIY Wood Dowel Poster Hanger

Framing is expensive and sticking a poster up with double sided tape is so sophomore year. Why not get creative with our DIY Wood Dowel Poster Hanger. This look is chic, tasteful and will take you less than half an hour to turn your space into something rad. The best part? It’s light so any self-adhesive hook from the dollar store or local craft store will do the trick — no holes necessary!

Clever Poppy

2. Washi Tape Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a beautiful way to display your memories or artwork, but they are difficult to line up, often need custom framing, and need a lot of photo nails to get it right. Or, do they!? In comes our best friend — washi tape! By using washi tape you can create custom frames in a variety of colours that match your decor. Check out our inspiration from Clever Poppy


3. DIY Alcohol Ink Gold Foil Dishware

Looking for something fun, gorgeous, and totally unique? Look no further than our DIY Alcohol Ink Gold Foil Dishware. Inspired by Anthropologie window displays, you’ll have your friends asking “where’d you get those?” the minute they walk into your place. Use 3M Command Stripes on the back of the plates to hang them on the wall, or use them as a catch all or decor piece at your front door!

The Spruce

4. Use Removable Wallpaper

Remember the days when you’d help your mom put up the ugliest wallpaper, only to have to change it a few months down the road? Putting up wallpaper is time consuming and the fruit of your labour isn’t always that sweet.

But, removable wallpaper now exists making adding some colour to your walls a lot easier, a lot less messy, and a lot more affordable. You can DIY removable wallpaper using ANY fabric you’d like, fabric starch, and a few other easy to find items from any home improvement store. Or, you can buy your own removable wall paper from those same home improvement stores if you like what they’ve got to offer!