Quick DIY Stencil Welcome Mat

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Save some serious dough while still getting a ton of bang for your buck with this DIY stenciled welcome mat. The hardest part is choosing what you want to write!

Step 1: Measure where the middle of the mat is, and draw a line. This acts as a kind of “fill in the blank” line for your stenciled word. While you’re measuring, mark with a piece of tape where the exact center of the mat is.

Step 2: Now that you know where the exact center is, place the stencil of the letter that falls in the middle of your word over the tape. We are writing BONJOUR, so “J” is our middle letter.

Step 3: Space out the rest of your letters, lining them up with the line you drew in Step 1 to make sure they’re straight. Remove the little piece of tape marking the middle.

Step 4: Dip your brush and vertically tap your paint over the stenciled letters. Make sure not to use too much paint or it can bleed underneath the stencils and look messy. Holding the brush vertically also helps avoid pesky paint bleeding.

Step 5: When the paint has dried, carefully remove the stencils.

Et voilá! A beautiful greeting to all friends and family who come to your door. (Oh, yeah, and the pizza delivery guy. Him too.)