DIY Map Coasters

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Embrace your wanderlust with these upcycled map coasters! Whether it's a destination that's on your bucket list, one of your favorite cities, or even a map of your home town, these coasters are pretty to look at, and a great conversation starter too!

Step 1: Trace the shape of the coaster onto your map.

Step 2: Cut the map along the traced line, then check to see that it fits on your coaster.

Step 3: Brush an even two coats of mod podge onto the surface of the coaster, going all the way to the edges. Place your map cutout on top, making sure the edges line up and there aren’t any air bubbles or wrinkles.

Step 4: Brush an even coat of mod podge over the map, sealing it onto the coaster.

Step 5: Finish with clear coat spray to make your coasters waterproof.

Get your friends together for cocktails at your place and have those travel stories ready!