Wire Basket + Wood Tray Side Table Upcycle

Side tables are always an essential for your home, and it's not a surprise that the ones that we are dying for always end up with a higher price tag. Before you drop some cash, why not try making it? Enter, our DIY version of this home essential: a super stylish side table that anyone can make out of a wire basket (chic metallics, anyone?) and a wooden tray. This easy DIY upcycle project is crazy affordable and literally takes 20 minutes. Consider your home decor game officially UPPED.

The end product of this upcycle is so chic, you won’t believe how easy it is to make! All you need is a basket that’s the right height (approximately 2.5 feet) and a tray that is slightly larger in width than the basket. We decided we loved the raw wood look of our tray, and pairing on-trend metallics with natural elements like wood warms the project up a bit. If you prefer to switch it up, an optional first step would be to paint your tray (or basket, for that matter) to match your decor color palette. (For tips on how to use chalk paint on any surface check out our shabby chic nightstand tutorial!). Regardless of what color you decide on, you should use a wooden tray top because you’re going to be nailing it to the basket. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Flip the tray upside down on a safe and secure surface (i.e.- not a wobbly tabletop!). Align the wire basket in the center of the tray, making sure there is enough room around the basket to nail the cable staples into the wooden tray.

Step 2: Hook the curved, plastic end of the cable staple around the wire basket edge with the nail facing out. Then simply hammer the nail into the wood! We say “simply” but actually it took more coordination than we thought. Because the nail is so small, be careful not to hit your fingers as you hammer!

Step 3: Repeat the above step at least 4 times, nailing cable staples around the circumference of the tray to fully secure the basket to the tray top. If you want it to be even more secure, you can use industrial glue to reinforce the cable staples to the tray.

When you’re finished you’ll have a super chic (and super affordable) industrial style side table that you can use as a nightstand, in the office, or in the living room! So simple, you might just want to make one for every room in your home.

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