Women’s History Month Temporary Tattoos

Although March is Women's History Month, we know that we will be celebrating wonderful women all around the world 365 days a year. What better way to keep celebrating all year with these custom Women's History Month temporary tattoos that we created that you can print right at home?

We couldn’t resist creating our very own tattoos to share with you that you could wear yourself, or just share with your friends. All you need is to download our free printable here and buy a sheet of temporary tattoo paper. Easy as that!

Step 1: Print out the temporary tattoo template. The template will print out in reverse – so don’t be alarmed! This is how you will print it on the temporary tattoo paper. Make sure that when you print on the temporary tattoo paper, that you print on the glossy side of the decal paper.

Step 2: Once the paper has printed on the tattoo decal paper, let it cool and dry for 15 minutes before you place the adhesive sticker sheet.

Step 3: Take your adhesive sticker sheet (ours is the green one), and line it up with your printed sheet. You will be attaching this together, so make sure it lines up perfectly.

Step 4: Our adhesive sticker sheet had a little break that allowed us to stick the sheet to the printed sheet on one corner without exposing the entire adhesive sheet. Stick this to the top to secure one edge to start working your way to the other part of the sheet.

Step 5: Very carefully start sticking the other side of the adhesive sticker sheet to the rest of the page. To avoid any chance of air bubbles on the sheet, we made sure to smooth down the adhesive sticker with a card (and in this case a library card, lol).

Step 6: Once your adhesive sticker sheet is attached to your tattoo decal paper, it’s time to cut out your tattoos. Make sure that you cut as close as possible to the tattoo design out so that way you have as little clear adhesive on your skin as possible.

Step 7: It’s time to start tattooing! With your tattoo of choice, remove the adhesive backing of your tattoo and apply to a clean part of your skin.

Step 8: With a damp cloth, press the tattoo design on your skin for 15-20 seconds until you have made sure that the tattoo has adhered to your skin completely.

Step 9: Remove the paper from the tattoo to reveal your masterpiece, and feel free to give yourself tons of tattoos or share them with your friends!

If you loved this free download and used them yourself, show us how you gave yourself some ink using #BeMakeful on Instagram!

Happy Women’s History Month!