5 Mason Jar Recipes That Will Fit Your On-the-go Lifestyle

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Maybe it's okay to jump on the bandwagon for this one.

So, your kitchen clutter starts with your collection of Tupperware—and you can never find the lid of your go-to container. Also known as: normal. If you’re totally over making a mess of your meal by stuffing food into ziplock bags and struggling with mismatching pop-ons, scroll down for mason jar munchies 101.

At the base of the shake and make trend, the mason jar is the latest essential for meal prep and packing. From wedding accessory to work day must-have, the on-trend and food forward replacement is easy to fill and take on the go. A fit for all types of fixings, the jar is sealable, multi-functional and available in different sizes. To promote a green lifestyle, simply wash, dry and repeat.

Check out a layer-by-layer breakdown of five simple recipes to try this week.

Parfait Please

Does your morning routine usually include a late start to the day and no breakfast? No problem. Pack a parfait. Start with berries on the bottom and combine your fav fresh fruit, plain yogurt and fix of granola. Add your choice of grains, nuts and seeds to add nutritional value.  

Photo courtesy of projectmealplan

Easy alternative: cereal (hold off on the milk to avoid soggy cereal and live your best bowl life).  

Salad, Salad, Salad

With so many salad recipes at the tip of your tongue, it’s easy to change it up every day of the week. Rules to layer by: always start by dripping the dressing and end by dropping the base of the salad. From kale and quinoa to lettuce and mixed greens, open the fridge and go with your gut feeling (literally). Assemble soft veggies, hard veggies, beans, chickpeas, cheese and a source of protein to make your own mix. Dress for the day: ranch, balsamic, honey mustard, hummus, avocado. If you’re feeling up to the task, create your own dressing before jarring.   

Easy alternative: it’s as simple as soup.

Not Your Average Nachos

Ground beef, check. And the rest to follow: sour cream, salsa or guacamole (if you’re feeling a little crazy because it’s Thursday – add more than one) lettuce, edamame, corn, black beans and cheese. Don’t forget to bring tortilla chips on the side!

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Easy alternative: salsa and chips or hummus and veggies (all in one).

On Point Poke

To spice up your healthy eating routine, swap salad for poke and trade poke bowl for poke jar. Similar to deconstructed sushi, this dish is probably taking over the menu of your local hot spot. Bring the goods home by DIY-ing one (or two) of the top types of poke bowls: Hawaiian ahi, spicy ahi, ahi tuna, salmon poke or California roll. What to include: the base, protein, sauce, vegetables, spicy bite (optional) and toppings. Depending on the day, bring it back to the basics with white rice, brown rice, noodles or leafy greens to start.

Easy alternative: leftover sushi (no need to waste food).

Charcuterie for One

Sometimes it’s all about the meat and the cheese. Put the board back and make the most of your full set of jars. Using three mini masons, separate a variety of cured and cooked meats, soft and hard cheeses and sides: crackers, nuts, olives and grapes. It’s all about clean, simple and delicious eats.    

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Easy alternative: stick to one type of meat, cheese and cracker.