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Since it was Memorial Day yesterday, it's safe to say that summer is pretty much here. What better way to make the best out of summer with a refreshing cocktail that not only is delicious, but is beautiful to stare at as well? Today on Bottoms Up, we're showing you how to make a blueberry mojito with floral infused-ice cubes, because we all know we don't have time to just make an ordinary mojito. This summer, you're gonna step it up a notch.

STEP 1: To get started, you will need to make your floral-infused ice cubes. First, use double boil your distilled water to make sure any minerals or impurities are removed from the water to make sure you’re able to see any all the beauty of the flowers once the ice cubes have formed. You don’t want to have clouded ice cubes, so using this method will ensure that your ice cubes (and your cocktail) look great.

STEP 2: Using your ice cube silicon mold, start placing edible flowers into your mold. Since the molds are a little shallow, make sure to cut out any long stems to ensure your flowers fit into the molds. Mix it up and add variety of flowers to each mold to make sure each looks unique and colorful.

STEP 3: Begin pouring your distilled water into the molds. The flowers may begin rising to the top of the mold so make sure that you’re pushing the down, and check periodically on the ice cubes when they’re freezing to push the flowers down if they keep rising to the top. Let them freeze for a few hours, and pop them out of the mold once they are completely solid.

STEP 4: Time to get started on your mojito! Begin with a few slices of fresh lime slices (about 3-4 wedges) and squeeze them into your glass. Once you have squeezed them, pop them into the glass as well.

STEP 5: Next, grab 2-3 spoonfuls of blueberries and add them to your glass.

STEP 6: You will be adding in your mint next. To make sure that your mint adds extra ‘umph’ to your cocktail, you want to make sure that all the aromas are present from the mint, so give it a good whack to activate the mint. After that, drop it in your glass.

STEP 7: To muddle everything together, add a 1/2 shot of simple syrup to the glass. Grab your muddler, and make sure everything is muddled together to get the best flavor out of your mojito.

STEP 8: Next, drop in your floral ice cubes, enough to cover 2/3 up to the top of the glass. Make sure to add different colors to give the cocktail the best color possible.

STEP 9: Next, add one shot of your favorite white/silver rum.

STEP 10: Top it off approximately 2 ounces of club soda, and then finally, garnish with a mint stem.

And ta-da! You have a drink to impress (and enjoy) this summer!

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Bottoms up girl, you deserve it!