How To Frost a Cake | Cake Basics

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You know how when you frost a cake and it looks like a 3rd grader made it in fingerpainting class? Just me? I doubt it. Join us to learn how to be in the company of Instagram-follow-worthy cake frosters. Eye candy or at least dessert for your eyes.

1. Add your food coloring of choice to your frosting. We went for a nice cotton candy pink by adding just one drop of red to our frosting. Less is usually more when it comes to food coloring.

2. Dab a healthy spoonful of frosting in the middle of your first cake and use your frosting spatula to spread the frosting evenly out towards the edges, working in a gradual circular motion. A trick to keep it nice and even is to turn the plate as you go.

3. Once you have an even layer of frosting spread out, take your second cake and place it on top of the first cake, pan side down. Gently pat the top to make sure it sticks to the bottom cake.

4. Start frosting the sides of the cake by taking a scoop of frosting onto your frosting spatula (not too much or it’ll get that goopy 3rd grader look!). Start to frost the sides by moving the spatula back and forth in that easy, circular motion, turning the plate as you go along. Making sure the metal side is pointed down, handle side is pointed up, and the flat surface of the spatula is parallel to the cake will make the frosting smooth and even all around.

5. Finally, place the remaining frosting in the middle of your top cake and once again, work in a circular motion smoothing the frosting out towards the sides. Finish by giving the edges one more pass, turning the plate as you go.

6. Top with Sprinkles for a festive look and you’re good to go. As a very fashionable and bold Lady once said, “Let them eat cake!”