How To Pipe a Cake | Cake Basics

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It's "Piping Haute" in here at Makeful this week! Today on Cake Basics, we're giving you the scoop on piping easy but intricate designs that will awaken your inner pastry chef. Bon apetit, mon cherie!

First thing’s first: Fill up those piping bags! Here’s how ya do it:

1. Snip off the end of your pastry bag and insert decorating tip. Be careful not to cut too much of the bag off or the decorating tip might fall through. Whoopsie daisies.

2. Fold your bag about halfway down over your hand to help keep the frosting contained in the bag. Don’t fill it much more than halfway up or it’ll be a frosting volcano. Uncuff the bag from your hand.

3. Push the frosting down to the bottom of the bag and twist the top to keep it sealed.

4. Get ready to squeeze!

A basic guide to decorating tips: Plain, round holes will give you straight lines of frosting, while rosettes, zig-zags, and other shapes will make flowers and leaves and other fun things. The larger the hole in the tip, the more frosting comes through, and the bigger the design will be.

For this cake, we piped some pretty flowers, leaves, and berries!

To make flowers: Using a rosette decorating tip, gently push out frosting and twist to make delicate frosting flowers. Use a smaller tip to make smaller, more detailed flowers.

To make leaves: Use a round tip and squeeze out frosting, in short, quick spurts.

To make berries: Hold your round tip straight up and down to create little round berries like the white ones you see in our design.

And there you have it: Some surprisingly simple techniques you can use to up your decorating game from ‘fresh’ to ‘pro-fesh’!

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