Happy Pride Month – Rainbow Pride Shots!

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Brush up your bar flair for Pride Month! Anyone can learn to juggle some vodka bottles, but how many can pull off this stellar magic show by pouring different color shots out of the same shaker? All eyes will be on you with this showstopping trick - less time mixing drinks means more time hitting up the dance floor!

STEP 1: Pour your vodka, blue curaçao, and grenadine into three separate vials and shot glasses.

STEP 2: Add the grenadine to your bar shaker, and top it with two scoops of crushed ice.

STEP 3: Pour the pineapple juice over the back of a spoon into the shaker. Add three more scoops of crushed ice.

STEP 4: Pour the vodka into the shaker, again over the back of a spoon. Add the strainer to the top of the shaker, and pour the curaçao through the strainer.

STEP 5: Now, though this is in a shaker, it’s important we don’t shake it! That’s what keeps the colors separated. Gently strain the alcohol into a shot glass – it should create a delightful rainbow as you go down the line!

Cheers to a very Happy Pride! If you’re looking to celebrate this month, show us by tagging us on Instagram using @BeMakeful