How To Use Fondant | Cake Basics

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We know that working with fondant can be a little intimidating (we were intimidated too until we tried it!), so it's time for Cake Basics to break it down. We're showing you how to use fondant to make your cake super smooth, stylish and totally pro status. Did we say elegant? We meant to. Let's get our fondont on.

Learning how to work with fondant is actually pretty straightforward once you get the feel of it. Plus, you can buy it pre-made which saves A LOT of prep time that can be used instead for fun stuff like decorating…and eating. Mmmm.

1. Cut a thin layer off the top of the cake to make it flat, then cut the cake in half to make two layers.

2. Add frosting to the first layer of cake and carefully place your second layer on top.

3. Frost the entire cake to create a crumb coat for the fondant to cover. This also helps you get a smooth finish and fill in all the little gaps in the cake. Scrape off excess frosting so only a thin layer remains.

4. Time to roll out your fondant! Use powdered sugar instead of flour to keep your fondant from sticking then gently roll out to 3/8″-1/4″ thickness.

5. Carefully roll fondant around your rolling pin to move to cake. Unroll from the pin over your cake, making sure to completely cover all sides. FYI: Fun fact- fondant is heavy! Make sure to serve your cake on a flat, solid surface to avoid cracks

6. Use a smoother to flatten fondant and cut off excess with a knife. Pro tip: Fix small cracks in the fondant by rubbing on a bit of vegetable shortening.

Look at that beautifully smooth fondant surface! Next stop: decoration station.