Old Fashioned Bourbon Snow Cone | Bottoms Up

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Our love for a good Old Fashioned is something that will never get old. And while it may be our bourbon cocktail of choice, you can bet that there's nothing old fashioned about us either. On today's episode of Bottoms Up, Whitney Adams is showing you how to put a new twist on an a classic bourbon old fashioned recipe, but with a perfect summertime feel for it that will make you want to pop open a lawn chair and enjoy the summer sun.

STEP 1: Start off by shaving your ice! You can use an electric ice shaver, or you can go to town with a mallet and crush a bag of ice to make your own DIY shaved ice. You will want enough ice for approximately 4 servings for you and your friends, but if you want to treat yourself to just one, you can shave enough for one cone. Using a wax cone, load up and pack your ice on the cone. Feel free to use a cordial glass to hold the cone as well – it will help to catch any spills should there be any. Add more ice than you think you need, because once you begin pouring in all your ingredients, the ice will begin melting.

STEP 2: Start by pouring in one shot of bourbon right on top of the ice.

STEP 3: Usually, an old fashioned is made with raw sugar to blend the entire drink. For this, use a brown sugar simple syrup mix to pour on top of your cone. Add 1/2 shot to the cone.

STEP 4: Next, it’s time for your bitters. Add a few drops of orange and rhubarb bitters to the cone to give the cone even a better taste and aroma. Add more ice to the cone after you have put in your bitters.

STEP 5: Next, add 3 ounces of luxardo cherry syrup to the top of the cone, and garnish with a orange peel.

STEP 6: Add in your straw, and take a sip!

And just like that, you are able to make an old fashioned new again just in time for the summer! If you liked this recipe and are looking to make your own, make sure to show us by tagging us on Instagram @BeMakeful. Also, be sure to enter to win your own gold pineapple tumbler and gold pineapple shot glasses in our Bottoms Up giveaway, and be your very own at-home bartender!

Bottoms up girl, you deserve it!

  • crushed ice
  • wax cones
  • 1 shot bourbon
  • rhubarb bitters
  • orange bitters
  • cordial glasses
  • 3 ounces luxardo cherry syrup
  • 1/2 shot brown simple syrup
  • straw