Ombré Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

Get ready to treat yourself with this gorgeous ombré pomegranate champagne cocktail. Sweet homemade pomegranate syrup, fresh, tart pomegranate seeds, and bubbly champagne mix together to make this amazing beverage that is sinfully delicious — and classy to the max.

You don’t need to be a pro mixologist to make this stunning (and delicious!) ombré champagne cocktail. This drink is surprisingly easy to make with only a few ingredients.

1. Make the pomegranate syrup: In a cocktail shaker, combine 3 oz of sugar (2 shot glasses full) with 8 oz pomegranate juice. This makes enough syrup for 6 cocktails. Stir (or shake, if you’re a James Bond type) until thoroughly combined.

2. Scoop a spoonful of fresh pomegranate seeds into the bottom of your empty cocktail glasses. Not only do they taste amazing, but they give the drink the most beautiful pop of color!

3. Pour champagne over the pomegranate seeds, leaving a little bit of room at the top. Don’t the pomegranate seeds already look so gorgeous as the champagne bubbles bounce them up and down in the glass? Love.

4. Last but not least, pour a small amount of pomegranate syrup directly into your champagne cocktail. The mixed-in sugar makes it denser than the champagne and the red syrup sinks to the bottom of the glass creating that stunning ombré look.

We are totally head over heels with this chic and delicious pomegranate cocktail. Now, raise a glass to YOU! Cheers, darling.