4 Interior Design Secrets for Styling Small Entryways

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We asked design and decor expert, Kasia Waloszczyk her top four rules for styling a small entryway.

When it comes to decorating your home, revamping your entryway is the easiest way to get the most bang for your buck. But with the increase in popularity of small space living, many people are left with tiny entryways that are challenging to decorate. See what an expert has to say about styling this small space.

Apartment Therapy

Tailor it to your needs

Before you start decorating your entryway, take the time to reflect on your morning routine, Waloszczyk says. Making note of pain points (like trying to find your keys every morning) will make it easier to curate what your entryway needs. After all, every piece of furniture and decor counts in small living spaces. 

As for the common key conundrum, Waloszczyk suggests leaving your keys in a small stylish box designated for this purpose.

“I prefer boxes so it keeps your personal belongings out of sight. Opting for a nice decorative box in a fun colour or pattern, or in a chic marble finish will inject some style to your space.”

Bamboo Hugs

Think double duty    

An easy way to make any space more functional is to ensure that every piece is serving double duty. Instead of adding a chair to your entryway, opt for a small ottoman that has built in storage space, Waloszcyk says. That way you’ll not only have a spot to sit, but you’ll have extra space to tuck away accessories such as hats and scarves.

“Function is the key word when styling a small entryway. You want to opt for items that will help maximize your space without making it feel cramped and stuffy,” Waloszczyk explains.


Keep shoes out of sight  

When you have a small entryway, it’s important to keep shoes out of sight for a clutter-free space.  “Having a place for everything is key, it helps you stay organized and in result makes your space look pretty,” she says. Shoe cabinets are an affordable way to keep your entryway organized. For a stylish and budget-friendly shoe cabinet, Waloszczyk suggests “MACKAPÄR” from IKEA.

“I love this piece because it’s not only stylish—but functional, too. It allows you to hold plenty of shoes plus the shelves can adjust on an angle to allow for bigger shoes to fit in (just in case you are sharing it with someone who has bigger feet). You can also place baskets inside that can house other items to help you stay organized.”  

The Modern Savvy

Choose your mirror wisely

Buying a mirror for your entryway can be a tricky process if you have a small entryway. Full-length mirrors are a popular go-to choice, Waloszczyk says, but sometimes there isn’t enough room to actually step back and look at yourself from head-to-toe. If your entryway is too small for a full-length mirror, then opt for mirrors with stylish frames or unique shapes. No matter what size you choose, mirrors can act as a work of art and are a great way to give a lackluster entryway the wow factor it needs.