These Personalized Hangers are the Perfect Wallet-Friendly Gift

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When it comes to your wedding, everything adds up. Wallet-friendly crafts are the way to go!

Make your bridal party feel special with these DIY personalized hangers! Collect as many coat hangers as you need for the number of bridesmaids, and don’t forget to make a “bride” one too! They’re functional, and serve as a gift to the bridesmaids as a personal keepsake of your special day.

To achieve the “calligraphy” look on your hangers, hand-write as you normally would, and then go back and thicken the downstrokes. This is a super easy hack, and can work with any pen!

When you’re all done, these personalized hangers need a beautiful place to hang. Our DIY industrial coat rack offers the perfect place for these hangers to be displayed on your big day.

  • wooden coat hangers
  • metallic paint pens
  • Washi Tape
  • 1in. thick burlap ribbon
  • Scissors


  1. Ensure the surface of the hanger is clean.
  2. With your paint pen, it’s time to personalize the hanger. Hand-write the person’s name at the top centre of the hanger. Along the bottom right-hand side of the hanger, write their title (bride or bridesmaid). Along the bottom left-hand-side of the hanger, write the wedding date.
  3. Add washi tape along the pole of your hanger for an extra touch of uniqueness. You can make each hanger the same, or make them all different to personalize them even more!
  4. Cut a 10in. long piece of ribbon, and use it to tie a bow onto the top hook of your hanger.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you’ve made enough coat hangers for the whole bridal party.
  6. Place your completed hangers together on a coat rack with the girls’ dresses for a Pinterest-worthy photo opportunity.