DIY Driftwood Picture Hanger

Bring the outdoors indoors with this natural take on a gallery wall. It's (almost) free to make, and the photos are instantly interchangeable depending on your mood, the season, or even the company. Whatever floats your boat, sister! So get out your polaroids, postcards, and pics and get to making.

  • About 6 Ft. twine more or less depending on how big your driftwood is
  • photos
  • clothespins
  • About 1-2 ft. long driftwood

Driftwood can be found on beaches, but if you don’t live near the beach you can find cool pieces for sale on Etsy or elsewhere on the internet. Google that ish.


Step 1: Cut two pieces of twine about 8 inches to a foot longer than your piece of driftwood. Tie each end of the twine a couple inches from the end of your driftwood. This is the piece that will be for hanging the whole piece on the wall, so make sure your knots are nice and tight.


Step 2: Cut long pieces of twine (as many as will fit) and tie the tops of the pieces to the driftwood. These are the pieces that will hold your photos, so make sure they are far enough apart from each other that the photos don’t overlap and cover each other.


Step 3: Hang your driftwood and begin to clip your pictures using the clothespins. It’s easiest to see where they will fall and what looks best where if it’s hanging up while you do this.


And there it is; An urban-meets-earthy alternative to a frame for all your favorite photos and cards. Picture perfect.

Need a styling idea? This project looks great on it’s own, or you can feature it in a gallery wall alongside some awesome DIY canvas art!