DIY Geometric Home Decor | Obsessed

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This week, Miss Kris is obsessed with geometric shapes. We're showing you how to modernize your home decor and turn ordinary pillows, jute rugs, and walls into geometric works of art.

Today Miss Kris is showing us how to make a super cute pillowcase using geometric sponge stamps. It’s kinda like a grown-up version of polka dots!

Geometric Pillows

Step 1: Start with a clean pillowcase. Use scissors to cut your sponge into a triangle shape.

Step 2: Pour a little bit of fabric paint onto a plate. Leave some room on the side for your sponges.

Step 3: You’re going to use the triangle cut out like a stamp; dip the absorbent side of the sponge into the fabric paint, making sure to coat the whole shape. You don’t wanna miss a spot! Pro Tip: Dab the sponge onto your plate a couple times to get rid of the excess paint before you start on the fabric.

Step 4: Begin to stamp your sponge onto your pillowcase. Be sure to either measure out or just keep an eye on how much space you have so you don’t run out of room. We stamped out triangles in a straight line, then switched up the direction the triangles were pointing for the next row over.

Step 5: Repeat this stamping process, re-applying paint  to your sponge as needed, until you’ve covered the whole pillowcase. Let dry completely then insert your pillow.

Such an awesome, subtle way to bring geometric shapes into your home decor! Be sure to check out our article on using paint to make your own “wallpaper” and upgrading a plain jute rug to a super cute striped rug that’ll look great anywhere in the house.

  • sponge
  • Scissors
  • fabric paint
  • blank pillowcase