DIY Geometric Wallpaper and Rug | Obsessed

This week, Miss Kris is Obsessed with geometric shapes and she's whipping our room into "shape" (pun intended) with some DIY magic! Learn how to make your own bold geometric "wallpaper" statement wall, and give a plain jute rug a streamlined striped upgrade.

We’re totally obsessed with Miss Kris‘ fresh ideas to incorporate geometric designs in home decor. Get inspired and learn how to create your own “wallpaper” accent wall and DIY striped jute rug.


Want to create a statement wall but don’t wanna deal with the hassle of putting up (or removing!) wallpaper? Us either. That’s why we’re so glad Miss Kris showed us how to get super creative and create this geometric print faux-wallpaper using nothing but some paint and a fun creative eye!

Step 1: Choose your color scheme. We went with classic black and white, but literally you could use any color- or colors!- your heart desires. You can even bring home decor items to the paint section of the hardware store to have the colors matched!

Step 2: Put some paint on your brush, then move it back and forth while holding it at an angle. This creates a kind of jagged-edged polka dot that’s both polished and fun. Each dot was about 4 inches in diameter. But hey, we cannot stress enough that this is just how we did it- the pattern possibilities are endless! Get creative!

Step 3: Repeat until you’ve covered the desired wall area. And don’t worry about getting the pattern perfect! The more creative and flowy it is, the cooler it looks in the end.

Striped Jute Rug:

Step 1: Lay your rug flat on the ground and tape out your desired pattern. Keep in mind that wherever your tape is will remain the color of the rug beneath.

Step 2: This step takes awhile, but we promise, it’s totally worth it. Take a small foam roller brush and bit by bit, coat the rug in paint. You might need a couple coats as the paint absorbs into the rug.

Step 3: Let dry completely- overnight is best! Once the rug is totally dry, remove the tape and admire your gorgeous work.

And there you have it! Two simple, beautiful, and bold ways to bring geometric shapes into your home’s design. We’d love to see how your projects turn out! Tag us on instagram @bemakeful and use #makefulobsessed.

  • jute rug
  • fabric paint for rug
  • painters tape
  • foam brush for wallpaper
  • acrylic paint for wallpaper