DIY Hand Woven Wool Roving Wall Hanging

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When exploring a lot of the shops in Los Angeles, you tend to find a lot of artwork and decor that inspires your everyday life and makes you wish that you could put all the decor in your home. Sometimes you can get it and make that happen - other times the dream piece you want isn't for sale or it's just way out of budget. In those cases, you can just find a way to DIY it yourself! That's what I did with this wall hanging that I've gotten inspiration from the Line Hotel and Otherwild that I just needed to include as decor in my home. See how you can make it yourself too in a few *instricate* steps!

STEP 1: Start off with two dowels that are equal length and some string. For the dowels that I used, they were 1/2 inch thick and  26 inches long. On a table place your dowels evenly and space them apart 2 feet. Using your string, cut 22 pieces of string that are approximately 35 inches that you will use to tie the dowels together to make sure they are 2 feet apart when hung together.

STEP 2: Tie all your strings to the dowels and make sure that they’re all even. A good tip to use is to string the dowels from two ends and hang it on a rack and continue adding strings towards the inside so they all stay even.

STEP 3: Now it’s time to start weaving in your rovings! For this, you will want to weave into every two strings when adding in your roving. An easy way to keep track of where to have your rovings follow is by using a stick to separate the strings and weaving it in every two strings. Once you have your stick all the way through, use it as a guide to let your roving go all the way through.

STEP 4: Once your roving is all the way through, repeat the same step on top, and loop the roving to continue on the next row. Continue the process until you want to change the kind of roving or yarn you will be adding to the weaving. When you are done, loop in the end of the roving into the threads to secure it and hide the end.

STEP 5: Begin adding your next roving or yarn to make the next set of rows in the hanging. Start off just like you did in step 3 and 4 and make sure to hide the ends of the yarn towards the back of the hanging so they do not show. This piece is totally customizable to your liking, so do as many or as little rows as you would like, until you would like to add a different kind of roving.

STEP 6: As you move your way up, feel free to improvise and add textures and loops to you weaving. For this loop, loop loose yarn rovings through each of the strings so they stay secure and more closer to each other, rather than looping them in to every two strings. Once done, loop in the end of the string towards the back of the roving, or continue making rows on top to your liking.

STEP 7: Continue looping in your rovings until you have reached the top. Feel free to loosen the rovings or tighten them, and if you have done any mistakes, you can just unweave the yarn and fix any errors and adjust accordingly.

STEP 8: Cut a piece of string about 30 inches long and tie it to the top of the yarn weaving to be able to hang the piece.

And just like that you’re done!

It’s the perfect piece to help break up any gallery wall in your home, and adds to the cozy element in any room as well! If you liked this DIY and want to try it yourself, make sure to tag us @BeMakeful to let us know!

Happy weaving!

  • 2 1/2 inch dowels 26 inches long
  • 100 yards of unspun wool roving
  • Scissors
  • thread