DIY Hometown Pride Pennant Flags

When you have pride for your hometown, especially if you're an expart, you want to show it and flaunt it. Now, if you remember having those good old college pennants that proudly helped you promote your alma mater, but there weren't any specific to your hometown, we've got you covered. Show your hometown some love or give yourself a mood boost with a motivational quote by hanging up this awesome DIY felt pennant flag, inspired by those good old college days.

One could easily buy a pennant flag online, but of course, it’s probably not in the color scheme that you’re looking to have or doesn’t have what you want written on it. If you can’t find it – MAKE IT. With a bit of felt, hot glue, and this easy printable pennant template, and some handwriting skills, you’re on your way to make your very own version of these awesome pennant flags.

Step 1: Print out your template. You can download ours here (Austin,  Toronto, Portland, Brooklyn, Echo Park, or personal favorite: GRL PWR) or you can make your own slogan in any font your like. Cut out the triangle and lay on top of your felt. Trace the triangle on the felt, and cut. You can use a straight-edge for extra precision if you want!

Step 2: Once you’ve cut out the triangle, it’s time to start on the letters. You can use a pair of scissors or a craft knife to carefully cut out the letters on the paper. Once you’ve cut out the letters, flip them over and trace them onto a seperate piece of felt (in a different color from your flag). The reason you want to flip them over is because the pen marks will be on the back when you glue them on!

Step 3: It’s time to glue on your letters! Space them out before you start glueing to make sure you have enough room on the flag. Once your letters are glued, add a thicker strip of felt along the top of the flag, about 2 inches wide. Glue half on the front of the flag, flip over and glue down the other half on the back. Trim off the ends so it fits the flag perfectly. Finally, glue on 2 groups of 2 felt strips (4 strips total) for the ties on top of the pennant.

Pro Tip: Another option to cutting out felt letters is using fabric paint! Use the same technique to make a template on your felt flag, but instead of gluing letters on, simply fill them in with fabric paint and a paintbrush.

Step 4: When you’re finished, you can either hang it on the wall as-is, or you can tie the little flags onto a wooden dowel and wave it proudly for all to see!

And there you have it: multiple ways to make and display these fabulous DIY pennants to show some hometown pride or add a dose of daily inspiration to your walls! They also make awesome gifts, so make one for all your friends!

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  • 2 colors, at least 1 sheet each felt
  • Scissors
  • downloadable template
  • wood dowel
  • hot glue
  • fabric paint