DIY Pretty Painted Terra Cotta Pots

Potted plants are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add some life to your decor routine. But sometimes plain old terra cotta planters can get a bit, eh...boring. See how with a little bit of acrylic paint and creativity, you can add some personality to your pots!

You don’t have to be Picasso to paint your own version of these adorable pots! If water marbled pots aren’t really your vibe and you’re looking for something that shows off your colorful personality a bit more, we’ve got you covered. We’re gonna show you some easy tips and tricks to color block with pretty pastels, and how to add some easy black and white patterns for some extra punch.

Step 1: Cover any parts you want to remain terra cotta with blue painters tape. You’ll have to do a couple layers because the surface of the pot slopes in towards the bottom and the tape has to be adjusted to be a straight line on top and bottom.

Step 2: Once you’ve covered the terra cotta sections with tape, take the pots outside and spray paint the whole thing white. Don’t forget the inside, too! Depending on your spray paint, you might have to do a couple coats because terra cotta absorbs moisture and sucks the paint in. Flat paint tends to work better than gloss!

Step 3: Time to add a pop of color! You can paint your planters any way you choose, but we added a band of color around the top and bottom of each planter to give it a color blocked look.

Step 4: Add some personality with some black and white designs! You can easily freehand stripes by dipping your brush in black paint, holding it steady in one hand, and using the other hand to slowly turn the planter clockwise until you’ve created a band around the whole thing.

Freehanding polka dots is easy too; dip your brush in paint, pick a spot and press, then twist your brush. This evens out the edges of the polka dot without looking too “perfect”. Repeat till you’ve covered the whole thing!

Add a super fun confetti look by using a flat tip paintbrush to make 2-inch long strokes at varied angles all over the pot. Want even more personality? Paint two side by side semi-circles and use the thin side of the flat brush to add “lashes” for your very own adorable Sleeping Beauty!

Step 5: Once all paint has dried, remove any tape to reveal the terra cotta underneath.

And voila: super adorable painted planters that will add a punch of personality to any room or outdoor patio. They’re so easy to do you can even make a few extras to give away as gifts!

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  • terra cotta planters
  • blue painters tape
  • Acrylic craft paint black, white, and a few pastels
  • paint brush
  • white spray paint
  • plants