Gold Cafe Lights Hack

Nothing makes a space feel more magical than some twinkle lights. Whether outside on the patio or inside the boudoir for a little mood lighting, string lights are (usually) a good idea. But sometimes a green plastic string of lights can feel a little basic, and even (gasp) tacky. Here’s a super easy and affordable hack to transform your cafe lights from ‘drab’ to ‘fab’.

  • 1 string cafe lights
  • paper towel
  • blue painters tape
  • gold spray paint

Step 1: Unscrew and set aside all bulbs from the light string.

Step 2: Stuff bits of paper towel into the light sockets to protect the electrical elements. Tape over the prongs and electric plug to protect them from getting paint on them.

Step 3: Spread the light string out and spray it evenly with gold paint, holding the can 12-18 inches away. This step was actually a touch annoying, but totally worth the effort. While spray paint is very easy to use, when dealing with a long skinny light string, you have to triple check that you’ve gotten alllll the green bits. I suggest doing one coat, letting it dry 30 mins, the turning the string over and spray the other side making sure you cover it completely.

Step 4: Let dry completely for at least 30-45 minutes. Screw bulbs back into sockets and plug in for some classy gold magic lighting.