Gold Ikea Side Table Upcycle

Disclaimer: I am a big fan of Ikea. It’s accessible, it’s affordable, and while I’ve gotten into a few fights with roommates over how to follow the pictorial directions, it’s (mostly) idiot-proof when it comes to assembly. Ikea’s products can be modern and sleek, but they can also feel cold and sterile. Enter: Gold Spray Paint. Use this tutorial to give your plain furniture an upscale vibe.

  • gold spray paint
  • blue painters tape
  • Ikea lindved side table


Step 1: Start with a clean, dry surface. Wipe down anything you’re going to paint with a damp cloth to remove any residual packing material or dust, then thoroughly dry. The surface must be dry or the tape won’t stick. Make sure to get paint that adheres to whatever surface your table is. I was painting metal, so I used Rustoleum Gold Metallic paint & primer in one for metal, wood, and plastic surfaces.



Step 2: Use blue painter’s tape to tape out a pattern of your choice. Keep in mind that wherever you lay the tape is going to remain white, while any part left uncovered will be gold.


Step 3: Spray the gold paint evenly over the entire taped-out tabletop, holding the can 12-18 inches away as you do so. Make sure to get the edges!


Step 4: Let dry 10-15 minutes, then give it a second spray coat. Again, make sure to keep it as even as possible.


Step 5: Once everything is dry, peel the tape off slowly. Don’t go too fast or you could flake some of the paint off in the process!


Step 6: Finish assembling the table with your beautiful new gold patterned tabletops! Et voilá- a beautiful, classed-up Ikea table that looks WAY more expensive than $20! Tea in the garden, anyone?