How to Create a Gorgeous Gallery Wall

Google image search "gallery wall" and you'll see hundreds of beautiful seemingly perfect gallery wall options. SO. MANY. OPTIONS. If you're contemplating a gallery wall, determine what kind of gallery wall would be perfect for you. Because let's be honest, home decor is more than just pretty pictures and throw pillows. It's where you live. Your living space can be an expression of your personal style and lived experiences. We'll show you how to make the perfect gallery wall for YOU.

We created a gallery wall in the Makeful studio from some of my own favorite art and photography from home in addition to some newly purchased and objects.  As you decide what to include in your gallery wall, I encourage you to buy original art from street vendors, arts and crafts fairs, open studios events and locally owned galleries. Often you can also find art photography at small galleries or artist studios or you can print some of your own favorite shots to custom sizes.

The gallery wall can be comprised of whatever wall hangings and art you already own, just as long as you’re mindful of what would look best together. You can also add your own DIY projects like customized canvas art, a driftwood picture hanger, a woven wall hanging for texture, or an oversized painted calligraphy print.

Inspirational quote prints may look best alongside dreamy abstract or landscape photography as opposed to edgy multi-media art. Geometric, colorful paintings look great next to your 3D objects. You do you and have fun with it! We had fun incorporating 3D objects of art and a floating bookshelf we made a few weeks prior to this shoot. DIY for life!

Step 1: Lay out your gallery wall design on the floor. Move things around until you feel you’ve got a good plan. We don’t recommend a uniform grid, but rather play with the objects and space between the objects to create the perfectly imperfect wall of art and memories. Take a photo so you have a reference while hanging your gallery wall.

Step 2: Use painters or masking tape to mark the center of your wall space. You can use a level or eyeball it depending on your confidence and preference. This project is ideally done with 2 people so you have someone else to step back and look at what you are hanging to make sure it’s straight and positioned well. If you don’t have 2 people just be prepared with a hammer and nails always nearby and trust your gut! You can always re-hang as necessary.

Step 3: Hang your most vibrant focal point for your gallery wall in one of the 4 center corners.

Step 4: Make that big tape cross even bigger so you get a sense of the wall space. Use this center cross as a general symmetry and space guide while hanging your gallery wall.

Step 5: Start hanging! Use the picture you took as a reference but switch it up as necessary.

Step 6: Take down the tape when you are finished hanging. You may need to take down some items first to make the tape removal easier.

Step 7: Be sure to incorporate 3D objects to give your wall dimension and more of a wow factor. I used a broach from my grandmother and framed it with a wood rectangle I found inside a frame. Many picture frames have these wood rectangles to keep your framed item in place.

Step 8: Last looks and then you’re done! A beautiful gallery wall that tells the story of you through, art, photographs and personal objects.

This gallery wall project even inspired me to re-think 2 of my gallery walls at home!

  • confectioners sugar
  • hammer
  • nails (we used gold ones)
  • level
  • painters or masking tape
  • ruler
  • origional art
  • photography
  • floating shelf
  • 3D objects