Magic Moon Phase Marble Wall Hanging

April 26th might be any other regular date in April, but for those of us that pay attention to the alignment of the stars and the moon, today brings us the New Moon. In astrology, new moons are known as a time for reflecting on the past, seeing what has been working for you and what hasn't, and setting new intentions and goals for your future. New moons are supportive of your dreams and desires and help you clarify what it is you want out of life. To celebrate, we made this gorgeous DIY moon phase wall hanging from different colors of polymer clay to create a shimmering marble effect, and used copper pipe to display the various phases of the moon. Get ready to enjoy the moon outdoors and indoors, too!

We love a good faux marble DIY (as you can see from our gorgeous DIY clay marble coasters, our dipped water marble planters, and our hand-painted marble and gold coffee table), and this time, we’re putting them straight on our walls.

This chic moon phase wall hanging brings just a touch of magic to any space and can serve as a beautiful reminder for setting intentions and working towards your goals. Or, you know, it can just hang there and look pretty. You do you.

Step 1: First we’re going to make our “marble” out of a few different colors of clay. You’re going to want 2 parts white clay to 1 part silver and 1 part black. Stretch the white clay out into one longer piece, then place smaller bits of silver and black along the strip of white. Fold the white clay over onto itself and twist till the clay is mixed. The more you twist, the grayer the clay will become. The less you twist, the more you’ll see the concentrated streaks of gray and silver. 
Step 2: 
Roll your twisted clay up into a ball and place between 2 sheets of parchment paper. Flatten using a rolling pin to about 4 mm thick (about the thickness of two tortillas stacked on top of each other). Peel the paper away and press the rim of your cup or glass into the clay like a cookie cutter. Use a craft knife to remove any excess around the edges.

Step 3: To make the different phases of the moon, repeat steps 1 and 2, then take the rim of the glass and press a second time into your circle of clay. This makes a perfectly round outer and inner edge for your waxing and waning moons! Use the craft knife again to clean up the edges if needed. You’ll need 2 moons that measure about 1.5 inches at the thickest part for your half moons, and 2 that are about a half inch wide at the thickest point for the waxing and waning sliver moons. Bake your moons according to the clay package instructions! Pop them in the fridge for about 10 minutes afterward to set the clay.

Step 4: Now that you have your clay moons, it’s time to hang them up! Once the clay has completely cooled, use the pieces like stencils to trace your moon shapes onto the felt. Cut a 1.5 ft long piece of yarn for each of your moons.

Step 5: Cut the felt shapes inside the traced line so that when you attach the felt it doesn’t peek out behind the edges of the clay moon. Use your hot glue gun to attach the end of the yarn to the center of the back side of the felt, then glue the felt to the backside of your moon.

Step 6: To create the hanging rod, use a pipe cutter to cut a 2-ft long piece of copper pipe. Thread a long piece of yarn through the center of the pipe two times to double up on support. Pro Tip: Tie a large bobby pin or safety pin to the end of the yarn to easily thread it through the pipe. The pin weighs the end down and gently pulls the lightweight yarn through the opening. Then simply tie the moons onto the pipe at the length you want!

And just like that, you’ll be able to enjoy this simple and minimal moon phase wall hanging. The cool colors of the marbled clay with the warm copper pipe combine to make a statement piece that looks great in every room in the house. Sweet dreams!

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  • 3 colors; white, silver, and black polymer baking clay
  • 2 ft copper pipe
  • yarn or string
  • cup or glass
  • craft knife
  • parchment paper
  • 1 8"x11" sheet felt fabric
  • hot glue gun or glue dots