Modern Dreamcatcher Wall Hanging

Last year I was in Joshua Tree (if you haven't gone, I encourage you to go! or at least check out the google images). I stayed in a classic bohemian desert vibe Airbnb. There was a beautiful vintage wall hanging above the bed and I was smitten. Woven wall hangings give the walls a rich texture that is irresistible; so no wonder they've been popping up in home decor and design blogs everywhere for the past year! We decided to do our own take on this classic and now on trend wall hanging. If doing a full-on woven wall hanging seems just a wee bit daunting, look no further than this super easy, no-sew DIY natural yarn wall hanging.

This is a modern take on vintage woven macrame wall hangings. Grab some yarn and some scissors, get in a creative headspace and be ready to fall in love with your new wall art! We did. SWOON.

Step 1: Choose your yarn. We chose a pastel color palette but anything goes! Lay it all out, keeping in mind what order you want to place your yarn on the ring.

Step 2: Measure out how long you want your yarn to fall, then cut a piece that doubles that length. For example, if you want your yarn to hang down 2 ft from the ring, cut a 4 ft piece from the ball of yarn. Repeat this until you have 10-20 pieces for each color.

Step 3: Fold the piece of yarn in half. Then take the loop side underneath the ring and feed the ends through the loop. Repeat until you’ve done all your string! Pro tip: If you’re using different thicknesses of yarn you might have to adjust the number of strands you attach. For example, we loved the color of the pink yarn, but it was thinner than our other strands. To adjust, we put on about 4-5 of the thinner pink strands at once which amounted to the same thickness of our bulkier yarn.

Step 4: Time to add some beads! We fell in love with these mishappen lucite beads but anything on the bulkier side would look cool. Measure out how long you want your beads to drop down and cut a piece of string with a little bit of extra length for tying knots. Here’s a trick from my grandma when it comes to tying string! Fold the end of the string so you double up on the thickness. Then tie a knot using the doubled-up string so you automatically have a knot big enough to hold your bead (or sew on a button, etc- this trick has saved me so many times!).

Step 5: Thread your beads on in the pattern you want. We loved the dew-drop look of ours, but mixed it up with accent beads to vary the pattern a bit. Tie the beads onto the ring and trim the excess string off the end. Wiggle the yarn around a bit to hide any knots from your bead string. Cut your wall hanging to the length and shape you prefer.

We seriously can’t stop staring at our gorgeous new wall hanging. Show us how yours turned out by tagging us on Instagram @bemakeful!

  • 5 balls yarn we used natural fibers in pastel colors
  • 1 macrame ring we only used the interior ring
  • about 10 ft or enough to hang 5 beads string
  • 5-10 beads we used large lucite beads