Painted Cork Succulent Planters

Succulents are best friend material for a girl who can't keep plants alive. And chances are, that girl also drinks enough wine to have a few corks laying around. Which makes this little craft a perfect fit (as long as you find a small enough succulent that is).

My first words of advice with this is regarding the size of the succulents. It’s true their roots aren’t very long, but you need to find something that will fit into a cork. You’re only planting one stem per cord, but you don’t want the plant to be so heavy that the cork can’t stand once it’s full.

Step 1: Drill the holes in the tops of the corks first. I did this by first using a screw to start the hole, but you could start it with the tip of the paring knife as well. Then dig a hole about halfway down (use the knife for this).


Step 2: Once the holes are done, you can use the painter’s tape and acrylic paint to paint any design you’d like. The acrylic dries quickly, and it gives the cork a splash of color.

Step 3: Once dry, place one stem of a succulent into the hole and then push dirt in around it. The difficulty of this step depends on the size of the stem, but the finished product – if/when it works (you might have a few trials and errors, I did!) – it is a triumph of tiny proportions.

These little guys are versatile and can be put wherever you need a little greenery (Think how sweet a few would be on your desk/in your cubicle at work!). Another option is to hot glue magnets to the back of them and put them on the fridge.

  • succulents
  • potting soil
  • wine corks
  • acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • paring knife
  • painter's tape