“She Loved Big” Canvas Art

What happens when you move into your dream house, and you have a plethora of blank, white wall space? You break out those inspirational quotes or, like I did, pull your favorite poet, Cleo Wade, and one of her most popular quotes and use your creative mind to make your own handmade art.


I’ve been making my own word canvases for a few years now but knew I wanted to make a gallery wall collage when I got better at handwriting with a paintbrush. Thus comes a few weeks ago. I found the best quote for its placement, our new, blank living room. I love a good DIY wall art project like these 3 colorful takes on canvas art, but for this project, I decided to go monochromatic black and white. After a few trial runs with practicing handwriting, I was ready to paint.


Step 1: Buy canvases that will fit your wall; I chose four canvases that could be juxtaposed on the wall at different heights.


Step 2: Decipher where your writing will go on each canvas size. With my quote, I knew I needed to space out the lines, so they fill the canvas.


Step 3: Write your lines on each canvas. I chose to go out without pre-writing with a pencil after I did a trial on a different canvas with a pencil first. When I tested the larger brush, the letters were smashed together. Pick the brush that works best for you and your aesthetic.

Step 4: Let each canvas dry for a few hours before placing on the wall.



Step 5: Put your canvas on the floor before holding it against on the wall to measure your dimensions.

Step 6: Measure each canvas end to end, top to bottom to understand the space you’re working within. Be sure to measure between the spaces of each canvas.

Step 7: From there, prep to place the first canvas. Mark two inches from the left and two inches from the right to ensure placement for your nails.



Step 8: Bring a tape measure, two nails, a pen and a hammer and mark dots on the wall where your nails will go. Hammer your two nails and place your canvas. Use a level (or use iPhone level app!) to ensure your canvas is straight.


Step 9: Repeat step 7 + 8 until all your canvases are displayed on your wall.



Step 10: Take a step back, admire your work and give yourself a high-five. Take that overpriced artwork.

The most important part of these canvases is to remember, imperfection is perfection. I like to make things messy and a little less than perfect. It makes my space a little more livable and a little less like your great Aunt’s formal dining room, which NO ONE dined in.

  • Canvas
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brush various thicknesses
  • paper plate
  • tape measure
  • hammer
  • pencil or pen