Suitcase Side Table Upcycle

We are all about that retro chic vibe when it comes to decor. So when we found this awesome old suitcase, we knew we had to work some DIY magic with it. Check out this easy how-to on adding hairpin legs to an old suitcase to make a sweet upcycled side table. Groovy, baby!

We found this vintage gem at a flea market. Find a vintage suitcase that has a sturdy build, preferably your choice 2nd hand loot is made of wood. If not, we suggest reinforcing the inside of the suitcase with wood to drill into. We didn’t reinforce with wood since a) the suitcase wouldn’t open and b) it was already made of wood! SCORE. Here’s how we did it.

Step 1: Measure out where the hairpin legs are going to go. Line up the sides of the legs with the frame of the suitcase to make sure they go on straight and are even with each other. Use a pen to mark where the screws are going to go.

Step 2: Using the treasure map you made with your pen, drill a hole directly into the suitcase where you marked with your pen. YAS, power tools!

Step 3: Insert and lightly hammer the plastic drywall anchors into the holes. This is the key to making sure your table is secure! It’s a great hack to use drywall anchors in any DIY project to add a little extra strength to the structure.

Step 4: Line up your hairpin legs over the open holes and drill screws into the drywall anchors to secure the legs to the suitcase.

And that’s all folks! A super chic upcycle that’s both modern and streamlined and totally retro, yo.