We Love How Simple This DIY Air Plant Terrarium Is

DIY Air Plant Terrarium
Samantha Brazeau-Wilson

It’s safe to say we’re head over heels in love with air plants and we’re constantly looking for new ways to incorporate them into our homes. Enter the terrarium.

This super cute and easy DIY that showcases your favourite succulent or tillandsia plants in a creative and design-savvy way. Lucky for you, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to make your very own in just five simple steps.


  • glass geometric terrarium
  • sand or small stones
  • 2-3 small air plants
  • seashells or unique looking rocks
  • quirky embellishments (AKA disco ball)

Step 1

Making your own terrarium is fun and easy to do. You’ll need a few simple materials to make it and can customize it to be as creative or simple as you’d like. We opted for a glass geometric terrarium with a brass gold trim, black rocks for filling, a selection of seashells, the cutest variety of air plants and a mini disco ball to start the party.

materials needed for DIY plant terrarium
Samantha Brazeau-Wilson
Materials needed for DIY air plant terrarium
Samantha Brazeau-Wilson

Step 2

Start by filling the base of the terrarium with the rocks. We chose simple black rocks for a modern vibe and to allow the bright green plants to pop. You can always go for coarse sand or a more colourful rock to turn up the funk – the possibilities are endless!

black pebbles
Samantha Brazeau-Wilson


Step 3

Once you’ve filled the base of the terrarium with rocks, add a seashell or two to dress up your plant’s new space. Seashells add an excellent natural touch and can hold an air plant in its opening giving your plant a cozy new home. We added a mini disco ball embellishment for fun. It makes a great conversation piece especially in your workspace.  

shells for the air plant terrarium
Samantha Brazeau-Wilson
black pebbles with shells in terrarium
Samantha Brazeau-Wilson

Step 4

Now that you’ve dressed up your terrarium, it’s time to add the plants! As mentioned above, if you’ve added a seashell with a crack, you can gently slip the air plant inside for an extra special touch. You don’t want to overcrowd the space with plants, so adding 2-3 small plants gives them plenty of space to flourish and looks great.

close-up of the inside of DIY plant terrarium
Samantha Brazeau-Wilson
aerial shot of ait plant terrarium
Samantha Brazeau-Wilson

Step 5

Now that you’ve created a new space for your plants to live, place them somewhere they’ll get plenty of natural light for the best results. If you’re not sure where to start with keeping your air plants comfortable, check out our easy guide to keep them healthy and happy.

air plant terrarium sitting on a black shelf
Samantha Brazeau-Wilson