10 Easy to Make DIY Holiday Gifts

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Every year it seems the holiday season rolls around faster and faster. One minute, it’s Thanksgiving and you’re carving a pumpkin, and the next, you’re stringing lights around a tree and popping chocolates out of an advent calendar like it’s your day job.

Inevitably, your list of people to buy gifts for will grow each year, whether your bank account permits it or not. If you’re buying for your immediate family or significant other, it makes sense to splurge on jewelry, accessories, clothing and tech items, but what about the people a bit further down on your list, like your in-laws, your next-door neighbours, and co-workers?

While a bottle of wine or some chocolates are usually appreciated, your friends and family members will be much more impressed by a gift you’ve put some thought and effort into (plus, you’ll save some cash in the process!). So put on some Christmas carols, bring out the eggnog and get started on some of these cute and easy DIY holiday gifts.

Mommy Musings

Homemade peppermint sugar scrub

The ladies in your life will love this sweet-scented body scrub made with yummy natural ingredients like peppermint essential oil. Package it in a mason jar with a red bow and a sprig of holly for a super cute stocking stuffer.

Simple As That

Photo Ornaments

Easy and thoughtful, these DIY photo ornaments are the perfect way to showcase memories from throughout the year and let your friends know you’re thinking about them.

Martha Stewart

DIY Christmas card

If you’re after something sweet and simple, then this DIY gem-encrusted holiday card should do the trick. You’ll only need a few supplies, and the finished product will look totally elegant.

Designing Vibes

Agate coasters

Not only are these colourful marble-patterned ornaments gorgeous, but they’re practical, too—your friends can remove the strings later on so the pretty pieces can double as coasters. There’s nothing worse than seeing a ring-shaped stain on your coffee table!


DIY sangria

Colourful, cute and totally easy, these mason jar sangria kits would be the ideal DIY holiday gift for any adults in your life who love wine. Make a batch of five to 10 jars and hand them out to neighbours, friends and co-workers (just be sure to keep one or two around the house for, you know, emergencies!).


Stovetop potpourri

There’s nothing like the heavenly scents of orange, cinnamon and pine wafting through your home to remind you of the holidays. This DIY stovetop potpourri kit combines a lovely scent with a fresh colour scheme to create a vibrant holiday gift everyone will love.

The Pistachio Project

Gingerbread bath bombs

Another super sweet spa-themed gift idea, these DIY gingerbread bath bombs are full of healthy ingredients like cinnamon to stimulate blood flow, ginger for detoxing and coconut oil for hydration. Plus, they look great on display in a vase or a Mason jar.


DIY peppermint candles

If there’s one thing no one ever has enough of, it’s yummy scented candles. These DIY candles are easy to make, and they’re sure to bring some sweet holiday cheer to your friends’ homes. Mix and match your own personal scent using essential oils like pine and peppermint. Who needs Bath and Body Works, anyway?


DIY soup in a jar gift

Your friends won’t be able to resist saying “aww” when you gift them with this soup in a jar craft. Full of healthy carbs like navy and black beans, this hearty soup is warm, cozy and so comforting.

sweet simple living

Cinnamon shea butter soap

Made with only four ingredients, these rustic-chic soap bars are simple, all-natural and fragrant. Your friends and family members will definitely appreciate some extra hand soap for the guest bathroom over the holidays.

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