14 Ugly Holiday Sweaters We Kind of Love


We’ve seen our fair share of ugly holiday sweaters, and admittedly, some of them aren’t that bad. Whether you’re planning a party where hideous attire is mandatory, or simply like wearing them for fun, we’ve found 15 ugly holiday sweaters we’re kind of in love with. Don’t judge and see for yourself!


1. Stranger Things Sweater

It’s no secret Stranger Things was the biggest TV show of the year, so it doesn’t come as a  surprise that there’s an ugly Christmas sweater to rep your love for the show. Whether you’re visiting the upside down, or are trying to stay right side up after a few holiday cocktails, this sweater is fantastic.


2. Bah Humpug Sweater

If you’re going to be a Scrooge this Christmas, at least look cute while doing it. Although pugs are often considered the less attractive pup, they sure make an excellent addition to this holiday sweater.


3. Santa Jaws Graphic Sweater

You better not shout, you better not cry, you better not pout we’re telling you why – Santa Jaws is coming to town! Seriously though, we think Katy Perry’s left shark has some competition with this adorable shark Christmas sweater.


4. Drake Christmas Sweater

After a couple of glasses of eggnog, it’s likely you’ll be dancing like Drake. If the shoe fits, you might as well dress the part! This pop culture-meets-Christmas-sweater is a step above the rest.


5. Joyeux Meows Graphic Sweater

If you love ugly Christmas sweaters and cats, you’re in for a real treat. This bright red sweater offers the perfect attire to wear while you deck the halls with hairballs and holly.

Centry 21

6. Menorah Poncho

Even though it’s not technically a sweater, you have to admit this Menorah-patterned poncho is a pretty stylish way to show off your excitement for Hanukkah. You may even win a prize for best dressed!


7. Single and Ready to Jingle Sweater

If long walks on the beach aren’t your thing, maybe cozy sweaters are. If you’re looking for love this holiday season, make an impression with a sweater that lays it all on the line. No mixed messages here!


8. Holiday Llama Knit Sweater

We’re not exactly sure where the llama obsession came from this year, but we’re okay with it — especially in the form of this holiday sweater. Maybe you have someone you’d like to snuggle up with under the mistletoe this year? This sweater will surely break the ice.


9. Unicorn Fleece Sweatshirt

In a world where unicorns and Santa collide, this magical sweater was born! We always wondered what it would be like if Santa swapped his reindeer for mythical creatures. And now we know.


10. Holiday Proclamation Graphic Sweatshirt

If you’re lacking inspiration for a DIY ugly Christmas sweater, or just don’t feel like looking goofy, this sweater makes a clear statement. We like how this one plays it cool while still sticking to the holiday theme.


11. Hanukkah Cardigan

We’re so on board with this cardigan. Sure it’s kind of tacky, but paired with the right pair of jeans and the right amount of adult beverages, you’ll be the star of the show. The button-up style is a different take on the traditional holiday sweater, and the modern colours make it that much better.


12. Jingle Bulbs Fleece Poncho

This isn’t technically a sweater, but how adorable is this holiday light poncho? As tacky as it may be, who wouldn’t want to curl up on the couch and watch holiday movies while wearing this?


13. Seguin Polar Bear Sweater

This fuzzy holiday sweater gives new meaning to a bear hug. The simple white colour gives it a modern look, while the sequined nose pushes it right over the tacky edge. This wintery sweater is a win in our book.


14. It’s A Major Reward! Sweater

Get a leg up on your Christmas attire with this iconic ugly sweater. Featuring the famous leg lamp from A Christmas Story, this pullover is the perfect shade of festive green, and the right amount tacky.

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