5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Solo

Aila Images/Shutterstock

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, prepare to experience the standard annual pop-ups: the colour overload, card exchange, and power of Cupid. An extra special day to celebrate love, the heart-filled occasion promises everything red and pink, with a markup on flowers and chocolate. While most couples make last-minute dinner reservations, most singles stock up on cinnamon hearts to eat in the comfort of their home … alone.

Too commonly considered the perfect time for a pity party, rocking single status on Valentine’s Day is no reason for any kind of FOMO.

No partner? No problem. Before feeling sad and sorry (or skipping the day altogether), read the following ways to celebrate V-Day single — and loving it!

1. In the words of Queen Bey: all the single ladies (put your hands up)

Scratch the ring thing. Take a moment – wave them side-to-side – and realize that you don’t have anyone holding on (FYI: it’s a good thing). No one to check in with, everyone to check out.

Celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day by simply bringing the (single) girls in your life together for some food and fun. With having to fight the regular nine-to-five and busy weekend plans, quality girl time is almost non-existent. Whether choosing to throw it back to sleepover days (complete with junk food and rom-coms) or channel your inner-wino, keep it comfy — and enjoy good eats, drinks, and best company around.

2. Get your groove on

If it’s been a minute since playing dress up, head to the back of your closet to find your favourite pair of heels. Buy a new dress, add an extra layer of lipstick and call on a friend or two to class it up. Live music, dance floor and all the good feels. Let the music move your feet and get your groove on — no experience required. To keep with the Valentine theme, check out your local salsa club for some real fun.

3. Love something else instead

Since Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, make time for something (or someone) you heart – but don’t always have the time for. Whether it’s learning something new like a language or an instrument, practicing a sport or hobby, taking on a tasty recipe (or spending time with a close friend or family member), bring attention to something (or someone) other than a romantic relationship.


4. Double up on the bubbles

Often a reason to indulge, this day of love traditionally leads to delish dishes and all types of pampering. For those flying solo, take pride in pampering yourself. After all, you deserve it too! Run the bath, open a bottle of bubbly and finally flip through that read that’s been sitting on your shelf for months. Not into reading in the tub? Listen to an audiobook, podcast, or a custom playlist.

5. From romance to bromance

While singles from all genders are welcome to hit the dance floor — or wrinkle away tub style in celebration of V-Day — the rise in bromance as a cultural norm is partly responsible for the recent shift in the meaning and marketing of “my Valentine”. Those involved in a friendly bromance, trade bouquet for beer – and add a bro-centered card (and message) as a cheeky reminder of your best bud feelings.