Chic (and Edible!) Valentine’s Day Jewelry

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Valentine's Day is finally here! Whether you're celebrating with your girls or your bae, we've got three super cute (and edible!) jewelry options to sweeten up your day.

Remember those adorable pastel colored conversation hearts you used to get in school when everyone passed out their Valentines? Well, this Valentine’s Day we’re putting them to good use and making some seriously sweet edible jewelry!

Conversation Heart Choker

Use a thick piece of ribbon and attach your candy hearts to it with edible glue (it’s a thing!). Use a small paint brush with the glue to help keep the project mess-free. Set your choker down for a few minutes while it dries. If you’re super impatient, you can use a hairdryer to speed up the process!

Edible Bling Ring

Glue 4 of your candy hearts onto a base, using edible glue. Allow a few minutes to dry. Then, super glue your base to a ring. Hold the base to the ring for a few seconds until the super glue dries. Commence with 2008 throwback Beyoncé ‘Single Ladies’ dance.

Candy Cuff Bracelet

The process for this one is similar to the choker. Buy a plain, wide wrist cuff. Use the edible glue to glue your candy pieces onto the bracelet. Allow a few minutes for the glue to dry before wearing.

And just like that, Boom! Wearable snacks. That are also super cute. We’re into it.